Is there another outing this year?

National Spoonplugger Outings
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Is there another outing this year?

Post by waterflogger_no_more » Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:41 am

I thought I saw a reference to one more outing this year in the Midwest, but can't find it now -- thanks for any help you can provide on this.


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John Bales
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Re: Is there another outing this year?

Post by John Bales » Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:19 pm

Nope. That was the last. John

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Steve Craig
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Re: Is there another outing this year?

Post by Steve Craig » Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:21 pm

There is another one coming up in late October. while it is not technically a Spoonplugging Outing, there are a bunch of us Spoonpluggers going every year to Eagle Lake on Vermillion Bay Ontario Canada.
Some of the finest fishing there is.
Also some of the best fellows around get together each evening.
If you are interested, contact Jerry Borst for the particulars.
Ill be leaving Az Oct 18th and will not be back home until early Novemeber.
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Jerry Borst
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Re: Is there another outing this year?

Post by Jerry Borst » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:58 pm

Buck sez "we've got to fish "where" the fish are", not just the right depth or structure but the right lake as well. No matter how good the water color, no matter how stable the weather conditions if a lake has no fish or the size fish your after, it'll be tough to reach your goal. However if you want to catch big fish or numbers we've got to go to bodies of water that have proven to have what were looking for. Eagle lake and the surrounding Lakes have shown over many many years to have big numbers and trophies of many species.

Were down to 3 weeks and those who I've talked to are super excited. Steve is correct that out little adventure may not be listed as an official outing but all are welcome to join us. All I can asure you is a good time will be had by all! We may not have the traditional fish fry or teaching sessions each night like most outings but there will be plenty of fish for your fry pan and information shared throughout the week, all you have to do is ask. This will be our 12th consecutive Oct. going to Ontario. Each and every year has its own unique success stories, the senery is absolutely beautiful the fishing is fantastic and the fellowship and the memories, well that's what it's all about.
For those worried or concerned about fish being caught too deep,, I refer you to two places, first is a friend of mines son, Danny Hebeck who on a recently filmed show stated that he had landed "6000 walleyes" from Eagle lake THIS YEAR as of mid August. So there IS no shortage of fish to be caught. Sounds like a lame excuse to me.
Second, there are huge numbers of smallmouth and good numbers of muskie in water 20' and less if your not into fishing deep water. But on the other hand if you want to improve on your deep water interpretation and catch fish both trolling and casting off deep structure then this is a good place to do just that. The fish are grouped up tight so once you find them expect to anchor or hover over the feature. The conditions can very from year to year so it's best to be prepared, it could be 55 and warm to heavy rain or even snow. Best of luck and we'll see you there strating Oct. 21st. Jerry Borst

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