Old Hickory lake tilapia

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Old Hickory lake tilapia

Post by site admin » Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:46 am

Went back to Old Hickory during Thanksgiving weekend. I saw reports on the internet that the lake has tilapia. It was reported that they escaped from a local pond due to flooding in 2010, and have flourished in Old Hickory. they are able to survive because of the hot water discharge from a power plant. A 9lb fish was recently caught. We did catch several, but they were all small. Neat fish to catch. Would be cool if they were stocked in some of the warm water cooling lakes. After fishing the warm water discharge we fished some of the structures that had produced for us earlier in the year. We did not catch any stripers, bass or saugers. But found big shepshead, yellow bass. We fished a classic feeder cut into the main channel. Saw a big brush pile that looked like there were plenty of fish on it. I figured they were crappie, but all we caught were bluegills. Casey boated about 6 that were all average size, then he caught this whopper!, just over 11" and weighed 1.03 lbs! Picture doesn't do it any justice, this gill was a monster!
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Re: Old Hickory lake tilapia

Post by Sonny » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:51 am

Good job!


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