This site is dedicated to the teachings of Buck Perry, the father of modern day fishing. Buck coined the word "spoonplugging" to describe the mechanics on what it takes to catch fish consistently, whenever and wherever we go fishing. Buck coined the words "structure,breaks and breaklines", and gave them there true definition and meaning, as used in our fishing vocabulary. Buck was the first to talk about how weather affected the fish, specifically the "cold front".

Buck Sez...."Knowledge is the key"....


When most fisherman are asked what spoonplugging really is, most will say it is a method of trolling, or "suse peed trolling". Many others think it is the exclusive of the spoonplug lure. Very few fishermen know what the true definition and meaning of spoonplugging is.
Spoonplugging was the word that was coined by Buck Perry to describe the basic knowledge needed to become a successful fisherman. It means being at the right place at the right time, presenting your lures in the right manner to arrive at the fish
Before we go any further in describing what spoonplugging really is, I’d like to tell you a little bit about the man that started it all. He is Buck (Elwood)Perry, of Hickory, N.C. He is known as the father of modern day fishing, and the daddy of structure fishing. Virtually all the so-called discoveries in fishing can be traced back down to Buck Perry. He is the one that coined the words structure,breaks and breaklines and gave them there original definitions and meaning for our fishing vocabulary. He was the first one to speak of the effects of a cold front, and described how it affected our fishing. Buck has shared his many years of fishing knowledge with his book "Spoonplugging – Your guide to lunker catches" and his (9) volume home study course.
Anyone that has studied his material would tell you that spoonplugging is more than a method of just trolling. Spoonplugging is the knowledge required to catch fish consistently and the sharing of this knowledge with others. This knowledge required can be broken down by the following:

· Knowledge and the understanding of the basic movements of the fish
· Knowing the lake features(structure,breaks and breaklines)
· Knowing how weather and water conditions effect our fishing
· Knowing the different lake types(natural lakes & manmade lakes)
· How to map and interpret a fishing situation.
· Controls(depth and speed)and the equipment we use(tools)
· Our presentation of lures (casting and trolling)

Fishing success cannot be bought through the latest or hottest new lure. It can not be bought through the latest equipment, or some kind of gadget. Buck says that knowledge is the key to fishing success.
Several well known fisherman have started there fishing careers and gained most of there knowledge from Buck Perry’s teachings.
Spoonplugging is not outdated. It has been around for well over 50 years, and is just as effective now as it was back then. The behavior of the fish has not changed.
Spoonplugging is not a selfish approach to ones fishing. Once you become a good spoonpluggers, you’ll find the desire to share it with others. Once you become a good, you’ll be able to take the whole family fishing regardless of skill level, or knowledge that they may or may not have. You’ll find that you can have them catch most (if not all) of the fish. There is nothing that is more satisfying to me than to watch a young child, friend or spouse to start catching fish. Most of the time they end up catching the biggest fish of the day.
Spoonplugging will work on all major game species (Musky,Northern Pike,Walleye, Strippers, White bass, Large and smallmouth bass). Once you know the basics you’ll feel at home on any body of water you fish. It works from Minnesota to Florida and from California to NewYork. It applies to all freshwater lakes and reservoirs. If you want to begin your fishing success, I urge you to make an investment for the book "Spoonplugging, your guide to lunker catches. It may be purchased at
Remember, Buck Sez: "Knowledge is the key to fishing success!"